Special fasteners

Our most important products are the special fasteners, made according
to technical drawings. Mostly they are going to automotive industry.

Standard metric bolts

We are ready to produce standard fasteners too as well as customised elements.
Frequently used metric examples: DIN84, DIN85, DIN603, DIN835, DIN912, DIN931, DIN933, DIN6921, DIN7985, DIN7991, etc.

Standard and other woodscrews

We are producing various kind of woodscrews since the beginning our company.
Standard woodscrew examples: DIN95, DIN96, DIN97, DIN7985, DIN7995, DIN7996, DIN7997etc.

Rivets, axles

We can also produce fasteners without thread, for example rivets, stifts, excentric rivets, axles. During the production there will no steel scrap issued because of the pressing technology.

Heat treatment

We have also an own heat treatment oven. It's capacity is 100 tons /month.
This oven is managed and controlled by a modern computer, this guarantees the continuous and top quality.